All New Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 launched

Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 has a compact size but a spacious interior and has many practical equipment. Mazda Flair Wagon is a kei car line developed based on “compatriot” Suzuki Spacia from 2013. Compared to Suzuki Spacia, Mazda Flair Wagon is basically only different in the logo inside and outside the car. Since then, the Mazda Flair Wagon has been continuously sold in parallel with the Suzuki Spacia in the Japanese market.

Recently, Mazda has unveiled the 2022 version of this kei car. The car is divided into 3 versions as standard, Custom and Tough with different exterior designs.

In the regular version, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 is equipped with a grille with 4 horizontal chrome spokes, integrated with the manufacturer’s logo. Lying on either side of the grille is a rather large rectangular headlight cluster. Below is a large central air cavity with a horizontal brace in the middle, painted in the same color as the body and integrated with a license plate mounting bracket. In addition, the regular Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 also has multi-spoke wheels with a fairly simple design.

In the Custom version, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 is equipped with a more luxurious front end with a large chrome grille, extending down to the central air cavity. Connected to the grille is a slimmer headlamp cluster than the regular version. Both the grille and headlights are surrounded by thick chrome trim.
Next is the trapezoidal central air cavity, accompanied by a number plate mounting bracket. On either side of the central air vent are front fog lamps with chrome trim.
Unlike the normal version, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 Custom version is equipped with sportier 2-color painted wheels, exterior mirror covers with integrated turn signals and chrome door handles. In addition, the Custom version also has a roof spoiler – an equipment that is not available to the regular version.

Compared to the 2 normal versions and the Custom version, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 Tough version has the most aggressive exterior design. This is reflected in the black border surrounding the grille and headlights. The grille of the Tough version is small in size and comes with a chrome point mesh. Meanwhile, the headlights of this version have a round design in a classic style.

Below that is a large central air vent with a black honeycomb mesh and rather small circular fog lights on the sides. The central air vent and fog lights are all surrounded by thick black borders.

On the side, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 Tough version has black braces on the doors, door steps and sportier wheel rims as well as a roof baga. Meanwhile, the exterior mirror panels, door handles and roof are all painted black.
Regardless of the version, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 has a length of 3,395 mm, a width of 1,475 mm, a height of 1,695 mm and a wheelbase of 2,460 mm. In addition, there is a sliding door on the side, which can be closed / opened with a button.
Inside the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 is a 2-row interior space. The car is equipped with a 3-spoke steering wheel with function keys, a small multi-information display in the dashboard, an independent infotainment screen on the dashboard and a steering wheel information display. The car’s air conditioning system also comes with a small screen, located between two mechanical buttons.
The two rear seats of the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 can be folded down to increase the luggage compartment volume. When you need to carry long objects, the user can fold the passenger seat down. In addition, the two front seats of the car can be tilted back, forming a bed to lie on. The luggage compartment is also equipped with an anti-slip floor. Besides, there is a heating feature in the front two seats and a foot heating system for the rear passengers.
Undoubtedly a Japanese kei car, the Mazda Flair Wagon 2022 has a practical interior with many storage compartments. There is a desk with 2 cup holders behind the back of the front seat and a storage compartment on the door. Next is the storage compartment, cup holder and paper box compartment on the dashboard on the passenger side. In both rows of seats, the car has a charging port and a phone holder. That’s not to mention the glove compartment, hangers and storage compartments under the seat.

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