Alpha Wolf – Classic electric pickup with very soft starting price officially launched

Less than a month after Alpha Motor Corporation launched a new crossover called Jax, the California electric vehicle startup is now revealing another new product, this time an electric pickup. . Officially known as the Wolf, which is positioned as a C-class pickup, it shares more similarities with traditional vehicles than upcoming advanced electric pickup trucks such as the Tesla Cybertruck. With an estimated starting price of $ 36,000, it will also be the softest option.

In terms of size, the Alpha Wolf measures 4,775 mm long, 1,930 mm wide, and 1,676 mm tall, making it just on par with the previous-generation Ford Ranger, and significantly smaller than its announced electric pickup rivals. other. The manufacturer plans to supply Wolf with a battery pack of 75-85 kWh, providing a traveling distance of about 440 km. It will also be available with either a four-wheel or a front-wheel drive, depending on a dual or single motor configuration. The car can accelerate from 0-96 km / h in 6.2 seconds, and is capable of towing 1,360 kg.

Contrary to the modern style often seen in highly anticipated electric pickups such as the Tesla Cybertruck or the Rivian R1T, the Alpha Wolf adopts a classic design reminiscent of past pickup models. This is a common point of the Alpha electric car models when the Ace sedan and Jax crossover also have a nostalgic, neat and beautiful design.

With the body finished in SF Blue inspired by the San Francisco sky, the Wolf electric pickup features a single cabin layout, square head section with integrated round LED headlights like the brother Jax. In addition, details such as wide wheel arches, large front bumper, roof lights, and an anti-roll frame give this electric pickup a sturdy look, in the undercarriage. get it ready to go off-road.

Inside, Alpha Wolf has space for two people to sit. Unlike the classic exterior, the interior looks very modern and exudes a high-tech vibe with a digital instrument panel and a large center screen. In the short term, the manufacturer has not yet shared details about the options and utility features, but promises to arrange multiple charging ports and storage space.

Under the plan, Alpha Wolf will start shipping to customers in 2023, and are taking orders from now.

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