Amazing New Volkswagen T7 Multivan – Introducing – 2022

The new generation Volkswagen T7 Multivan is a worthy choice with many comfortable and spacious equipment.

After several leaks of information and the design of a comfortable MPV model named T7, finally, the German automaker Volkswagen has officially launched the 2022 version for the T7 Multivan model with many notable points.

First, Volkswagen T7 Multivan will have a lot of engine options, from gasoline engines, diesel engines to fuel-efficient PHEV powertrains. Specifically, equipped with gasoline engine of Volskwagen T7 Multivan includes 2 options: 134 horsepower 1.5L 4-cylinder TSI engine and 201 horsepower 2.0L 4-cylinder TSI engine. Next is the option of a 2.0L Turbodiesel 4-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 148 horsepower. The gearbox that comes with the internal combustion engine options is a 7-speed dual-clutch DSG.

The most advanced on the Volkswagen T7 Multivan is an optional plug-in hybrid powertrain with a 1.4L TSI petrol engine with a capacity of 148 horsepower combined with an electric motor with a capacity of 113 horsepower, giving the car a total capacity of 216 horsepower. This power to the front wheel of the car is through a 6-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission and front-wheel drive. Powering the electric motor of the car is a 13 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack arranged in the floor, helping to keep the interior space of the car more spacious and lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

In terms of structure, Voslkwagen T7 Multivan is developed based on the MQB modular chassis platform with compatibility with many types of engines. The overall dimensions length x width x height of the car are announced at 4,973 mm x 1,941 mm x 1,903 mm, the wheelbase of the car is 3,124 mm. Volkswagen says the T7 Multivan will have a larger version with a length of up to 5,173 mm.

With 3 equipment versions including Multivan, Life and Style, the new generation Volkswagen T7 will be equipped with 18-inch wheels, optional LowE panorama sunroof capable of reducing heat absorption by 44%. The trunk door and the door to the rear passenger compartment are operated electrically, especially the door to the passenger compartment can be controlled by gestures.

The lighting system on Volkswagen T7 Multivan applies standard LED technology with the option to upgrade the IQ.Light LED matrix lamp. According to Volkswagen, the matrix smart light system on the T7 Multivan has the ability to project far away without dazzling oncoming pedestrians with the feature of supporting lighting when cornering. When equipped with this light system, the car will have an additional LED strip positioned in the grille.

Inside, the Volkswagen T7 Multivan has a 7-seater design, of which 5 in the back row are made of lightweight materials, which can be easily disassembled and installed to be compatible with different layouts. The second row of seats has the ability to rotate 180 degrees according to the meeting room layout. More convenient, Volkswagen T7 Multivan is also equipped with a multi-function table that can be arranged in any row of seats.

When arranged in the cockpit, this table is also used as a cup holder, a storage compartment and can be adjusted in height. Behind the third row of the Volkswagen T7 Multivan is a luggage compartment of 469 liters. The space behind the second row of seats is 1,844 liters and behind the first row is 3,672 liters.

In the cockpit, Volkswagen T7 Multivan owns a multi-function steering wheel similar to the 8th generation Golf. All convenient control keys are neatly integrated with touch-type. The dashboard of the car is a 10.25-inch digital screen, next to it is a 10-inch entertainment screen. Besides, there are control buttons of the DSG gearbox, USB-C charging port and wireless smartphone charging tray.

In terms of safety, the Volkswagen T7 Multivan is equipped with a standard Front Assist safety system with features such as emergency braking, sign recognition, lane assist, vehicle balance assist and door opening warning. .

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