Apple electric cars will be manufactured by LG and Magna

Latest rumors suggest that it is likely that Apple’s first electric vehicle will be produced by the LG-Magna joint venture.

According to information from the Korea Times, Apple is very close to a deal with South Korean giants – LG – and Canadian auto parts supplier Magna – to become partners to make the first electric car model. branded Apple.

Before that, rumors appeared about another potential company, which was Hyundai. However, after some conflicting reports, the Korean automaker has officially denied participating in the production process or any plans to support Apple in making electric cars.

Despite the absence of a traditional car manufacturer, the latest rumors are quite reliable when LG and Magna announced the cooperation to build electric cars in December 2020 as LG Magna e-Powertrain.

“LG Magna e-Powertrain is very close to signing a contract with Apple, they can handle the initial production of Apple electric cars. Contract details are still in progress,” the source told the Korea Times, anonymously told the Korea Times. Be discussed”.

Apple already has a good relationship with LG because the Korean company supplies LCD screens and other parts for the iPhone lineup. Likewise, a partnership with Magna – a long-standing and reputable contract carmaker – makes sense, instead of a company like Hyundai that isn’t used to making cars for other partners.

Magna Steyr, an Austrian-based manufacturing operations company, has extensive experience in electric vehicles and is producing cars such as: Jaguar I-Pace, the new Toyota Supra, and is also an important partner. by VinFast.

Meanwhile, another source said: ‚ÄúSince the LG brand is not so strong in the global electric vehicle industry, they need a well-competitive reference representative to showcase their transformation efforts. Since then, LG’s bet on the Apple electric car hasn’t been too bad, and vice versa for Apple.

Information from the Korea Times also said that the first shape of the Apple electric car will appear in 2024. It was thought that the giant’s first car project was dead in 2016, but information leaked in recent months. This is bringing excitement to the car enthusiasts and technology around the globe.

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