Apple will launch self-driving electric cars by 2025

Apple is said to be accelerating the development of autonomous electric cars and has achieved certain achievements before launching the official product in 2025.

After a long time of speculation, it seems that the information about Apple producing electric cars has come true after the US technology “giant” announced that it has partly completed the development of processing chips. completely new for the company’s electric car project.

It is known that this electric car project is called Titan, the processor for the car is made by Apple’s own design team, giving the car a high level of autonomous driving. Apple has set a goal of accelerating the project and is expected to launch this model in the next four years, at the latest in 2025. Currently, this processor is ready to be installed in test vehicles. aims to collect data to create a model with “better safety than existing Tesla or Waymo products.”

According to some information published by Western media, the goal of the Titan project is to create an autonomous vehicle that does not need a steering wheel. The interior of the car will be extremely spacious, the seats are arranged in a limousine style similar to the electric car of Canoo, the startup that was rumored to have been acquired by Apple. Inside the cockpit of the car there is an iPad-style touch screen with a display interface similar to the iOS operating system.

Apple’s business model for self-driving electric vehicles is still undecided, but it seems Apple is considering starting a self-driving car company to compete with Uber, Lyft, and Waymo. However, experts believe that it is more likely that Apple will sell electric cars to individual customers instead of setting up a transportation company with self-driving electric vehicles. Regarding the charging system, sources said that Apple will not develop its own charging standard, but will use the available CCS combined charging standard to help its car products be charged at all public fast charging stations.

Since the Titan project officially went into operation in 2014, there have been five big Apple figures in charge of this project before the person in charge of Apple Watch, Kevin Lynch, took over earlier this year. . The changes in the project’s focus and timeline seem to be a sign that this autonomous electric car project is making good progress, or it could be the end of the direction. before this project turned in another direction.

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