Apple’s first electric car could look like this

Apple’s announcement of its intention to enter the production of electric vehicles is one of the stories that has attracted a lot of attention recently. Tech giant Apple has remained tight-lipped about its electric car plans, and every rumor we’ve heard so far has come from various unofficial sources. The last time a reliable report surfaced, the auto community was told that Apple would most likely continue working on its first electric car on its own.

So far, we haven’t seen any sketches or prototype cars, and this leaves many wondering what Apple’s car might end up looking like.

The digital drawings we see here may seem like a vague speculation in the dark, but in reality, they are based on patents filed by Apple itself with the authorities. They are images from a car rental company called Vanarama in the UK, inspired by existing Apple products and patents in different fields.
So some of the features seen in these renders are convincing and in line with what one would expect from an Apple-branded product.
For example, the swivel chairs and the columnless structure in the door are said to come from ideas that Apple is thinking about during the production of its electric car. The interior is perhaps the most impressive element in this render as it has a giant screen on the dashboard, and that screen is running a fully customizable infotainment software.
Even more interesting, Apple’s Siri system is also integrated into the steering wheel with a rotating screen. Overall, the cabin looks very spacious and comfortable, thanks mainly to the suicide doors and large glass surfaces.
On the outside, this set of digital photos shows the Apple electric car looking like an odd combination of a hatchback, a crossover, and a van. It has an angular shape, and features thin LED strips at the head and tail that act as the headlights and taillights respectively. Surprisingly, this “rumored” electric car seems to have an actual grille at the front, not just a closed panel like many other modern electric cars.
In short, these renders are not based on an actual prototype or a specific concept, but they do contain ideas that Apple has hinted at in their patents. Whether the features we see here will come to fruition, only time will tell.

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