Aptera Sol Introducing – Solar electric car, starting price USD 25,900

After launching the first prototype late last year, the startup Aptera has now introduced a second prototype called Sol.

As promised, Aptera’s futuristic three-wheeler has officially launched its second fully working prototype. The California-based startup gets its name from the Spanish word for “sun,” and for good reason, they’re developing a solar-powered car with a 1,000-mile range. miles (1,609 km) on a full charge. In a new video, Aptera takes the newly built prototype for a walk around the beach in San Diego, California.

The company’s first product was introduced in the mid-2000s, but because it could not secure the funds to produce its Aptera e2 model, the company was forced to close down in 2011. About a decade Later, the startup rose from the ashes with a new, all-black painted prototype called Noir with a more futuristic design.

Now, just a few months later, Aptera has unveiled its second working prototype. This three-wheeler is called Sol, and in contrast to the jet-black Noir, it is pearl white with a black roof. It really does look like a space shuttle about to take off into space, but according to the startup, these unusual shapes and designs aren’t just meant to attract attention, they actually play a role. in maximizing aerodynamic efficiency.

Although the Aptera Sol looks quite small on the outside, from the 1-minute video, we can see that the interior is quite spacious, enough room for two adults, and there is plenty of luggage storage space in the back. For outdoor enthusiasts, Aptera even shows that Sol can transform into a camper van by attaching a tent to the back.

The car’s modern interior is equipped with a large infotainment screen, similar to what you see on a Tesla electric car. The roof of the car has solar panels installed, which significantly increases the number of kilometers traveled on sunny days. Aptera claims that the company’s Never Charge (never charge) system is designed to accumulate enough sunlight to cover 11,000 miles (17,703 km), and it comes with minimal maintenance costs.

The Aptera Sol is scheduled to be delivered to first owners later this year in the US, and it can be pre-ordered for $25,900 for the 400 km version. The 1,609 km version costs $ 44,900, a not-so-high cost to own a clean energy car that can travel thousands of kilometers. However, the manufacturer also offers a plethora of options that allow buyers to customize the vehicle to their liking. You can choose between FWD and AWD, different interior and exterior color schemes, and different types of solar roofs.

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