Arcimoto Roadster – Unique All Electric three-wheel vehicle

The Arcimoto Roadster, an upcoming mass-production three-wheel vehicle, will run entirely electric with two engines and front-wheel drive.

The car has a very bizarre design with two large Arcimoto Roadster bulbs equipped with a slim windshield, two front wheels and two Corbin seats with backrest.

Although the design of the car is very pitiful, it is criticized by many people. According to Arcimoto, Roadster will have a top speed of 121 km / h and the ability to operate 164 km on a full charge.

This 3-wheeler promises to bring a much better driving experience than current three-wheelers.

Arcimoto Roadster is likely to be assembled by the end of this year. Customers were able to deposit a car with the amount of 100 USD.

Source: Cartime

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