BAIC Beijing X7 fell 300 m deep, passengers still survived

BAIC Beijing X7 was crushed after falling into a 300 m deep in Yunnan, China. A and B pillars were slightly damaged, and the passengers in the car were lucky to survive.

A Chinese auto site named Dongchedi has just published an image of the accident of the BAIC Beijing X7 in Yunnan province. The car fell down a cliff 300 m deep.

According to the image, the car was crushed to an unrecognizable level, the glass was broken, the rear of the car was deformed. However, the A and B pillars were slightly damaged and the passengers in the car were lucky to survive the terrible accident.


The BAIC Beijing X7 model has also attracted a lot of attention recently in the auto market. That is why information about the accident also attracts many comments on social networks. Most commenters said that Beijing X7’s chassis is quite solid.

Beijing X7 uses a 1.5L turbocharged engine with a capacity of 188 horsepower, 275 Nm of torque. The cheapest version of Beijing X7 uses a 6-speed manual transmission, instead of a 7-speed automatic on the high-end version.

The safety and steering assistance technologies found in the BAIC Beijing X7 include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist. In addition, Beijing X7 is also equipped with many safety functions such as 360-degree camera, side view camera, automatic parking assistance, blind spot warning …

However, there are still doubts about the quality of the products and the accuracy of the safety features found in all versions of the Beijing X7.

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