Beautiful Chinese electric car priced at USD 72,300

Sleek, technology-filled, Chinese carmakers’ electric cars make the world’s leading electric car company Tesla tough competition.

In the Chinese electric vehicle market, foreign firms compete fiercely with domestic automakers. Even the luxury electric car line of Chinese car manufacturers overwhelms well-known foreign competitors.

For example, electric cars of Nio (China) have become the best-selling names in the Chinese market. In 2020 alone, they sold nearly 50,000 units. The reason is, the Chinese government has strongly supported the electric vehicle market with subsidies and extensive investment in charging station infrastructure. Nio also received $ 1 billion in government subsidies.

This Chinese car maker has a popular Nio ES6 model. This is a high-end electric SUV with 5 seats priced at 72,300 USD (equivalent to 1.7 billion USD). This car is equipped with the latest technology of the world auto industry, with a battery system enough to run a maximum distance of 610km, with a capacity of 536 horsepower.

This car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km in just 4.7 seconds. The automaker boasts NIO Pilot software developed by itself with 20 features to assist the driver, and automatically updates over the network.

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