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VIDEO: Special Bentley Bentayga tuned by Creative Bespoke

Tuning Company Mansory often launches unique super cars. The following Bentley Bentayga has a fierce look, but by the Creative Bespoke.

The super luxury Bentley Bentayga has been “transformed” by Creative Bespoke through the wide body bodykit, including the wheel arches and expanded ribs, new front cushions, revised front spoiler, inflated bonnet, diffuser pit, roof-mounted spoiler and sport rear spoiler.

The Bentley Bentayga super luxury SUV is finished in mysterious black paint combined with some red accents, creating an interesting aesthetic effect. Vehicles equipped with 23-inch Onyx wheels, wrapped neatly in Continental tires.

Moving inside, Creative Bespoke continues to “break” the tradition of the Bentayga with the use of bright red / black leather seats with diamond pattern and many chrome decorations.

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