BMW F850GS 40 Years GS Edition Introducing

A few weeks ago, BMW Motorrad Malaysia officially launched the BMW F850GS 2021 “40 Years GS Edition”.

This special edition of the F850GS comes in yellow and black to commemorate the adventure GS series of BMW Motorrad and costs about RM 6,000 more than the standard 2019 F850GS.

Logo “GS” or “Gelande Strasse” is embossed on the saddle as well as on the radiator cover for customers to easily identify with other versions. Gold protective handles, gold-plated spokes – size 21 inches at the front and 19 inches at the back. The car also has a luggage rack that is standard equipment that makes the 40-year GS F850GS even more distinctive.

Source: Paultan

In addition, this special edition is also equipped with BMW’s Comfort, Touring, Dynamic and Active packages. These packages provide customers with amenities such as keyless start, hand heating, tire pressure monitoring as well as steering amenities such as cruise control, quick shifts, ABS Pro, and force control. Active towing and four driving modes.

In terms of technical aspects, this special edition is similar to the standard GS version with the power coming from an 853cc 2-cylinder engine that produces 95 horsepower at 8,250 rpm. and 6,250 Nm torque combined with 6-speed gearbox and chain drive.

The braking system on the 850GS consists of double 305 mm track discs with 2-piston calipers at the front and 265 mm diameter disc with single-piston brake calipers at the rear. Standard equipment on the F850GS 40 Years GS Edition is the center stand, omitted from the standard Malaysian F850GS.

Source: Paultan

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