2021 BMW 320e and 520e Introducing, priced from 47,450 euros

BMW has just introduced the new BMW 320e and 520e. The new BMW 320e and 520e are equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine, with a total capacity of 201 horsepower, with prices from 47,450 euros

BMW has just added to its plug-in hybrid car group 2 new models in the 3-Series and 5-Series, the 2021 320e and 520e generation. wagon (Touring version).

The BMW 320e and 520e are positioned as the standard PHEV versions at a lower price than the current 330e, 530e and 545e models. The starting prices of the BMW 320e and 520e are 47,450 euros (57,400 USD) and 53,700 euros (64,900 USD) respectively. Vehicles will be sold from March to here in Europe.

BMW does not change the interior / exterior design of the new 320e and 520e. Customers can optionally equip their car models. The most significant standard feature is the BMW Live Cockpit Plus infotainment system that comes with the Connected Package Professional package. Drivers can access BMW’s online services, as well as remotely set up air-conditioning and heated seats via their mobile app.

Powering the BMW 320e and 520e is a 2.0L I4 petrol engine combined with an electric motor. Total capacity reaches 201 hp and torque at 350 Nm. Vehicles with an 8-speed automatic transmission and customers can choose the rear wheel drive or 4-wheel full-time.

The two models are equipped with batteries with a capacity of 12 kWh and a voltage of 34 Ah. With a charging capacity of 3.7 kW, battery packs of the BMW 320e and 520e need 3.6 hours to fully charge and 2.6 hours for 0-80% charge.

In pure electric mode, two BMW PHEV models can reach a maximum speed of 140 km / h. The travel distance when using the electric engine of the BMW 320e sedan is 48-57 km and the 320e Touring is 46-54 km. For the BMW 520e, the sedan can run purely for 41-55 km and the Touring version is 45-51 km.

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