All New BMW X8 revealing appearance

BMW X8 will be lower than X7, the headlights will also be slightly changed. But basically the exterior will be similar to the X7.

Based on test runs, international news sites have outlined the exterior of the BMW X8. However, this sketched exterior received many mixed reactions.

Specifically, according to the simulation drawing, it can be seen that the BMW X8 owns a large kidney-shaped grille that is somewhat similar in size to the X7 model, combined with the M-Sport-style lower bumper. .

However, the height of the X8 is quite modest and lower than the X7.
Although carefully camouflaged, the BMW X8 still cannot cover the rear hood which is beveled down the tail. This design is somewhat similar to the X6 model. However, with a much larger overall size, the X8 when carrying a similar design to the X6 will create a more difficult to look at.

According to some sources, in addition to versions using traditional gasoline engines, the BMW X8 will have more electric versions and the high-performance M version uses a turbocharged 4.4L V8 petrol engine for maximum capacity. multi 750 horsepower.

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