All New Mini Countryman Powered by X-raid Introducing – 2021

Mini teamed up with X-raid to launch an off-road version for the Countryman.

Mini has recently launched a special version of the Countryman high-rise car called “Mini Countryman Powered by X-raid” to pay tribute to the achievements that both sides have achieved together at the Dakar Rally race. .

The cooperation of Mini and X-raid – a company specializing in the manufacture of off-road vehicles from Germany, has helped both to win a lot of success in road races around the world. The most prominent among them is probably the five victories at Dakar Rally, the most prestigious race in the world off-road racing. And the newly launched Mini Countryman will bring customers the same experience as professional off-road racing cars.

The height of the Mini Countryman upgraded by X-raid is higher than the standard 41 mm version, bringing higher ground clearance, thereby improving the wading and climbing capabilities of this model. The car also owns a set of off-road wheels that are extremely solidly designed to help users not have to change the wheel when accidentally struck on bad terrain. The outer shell will be the Cooper Discoverer AT3 case to provide more optimal off-road capabilities. The taller tires also minimizes the damage the wheels have to deal with off-road.

Constructed from the Cooper S configuration, this Countryman X-raid features an exterior with a bold black underneath, along with striking orange details and stripes around the car. The grille, mirror cladding, light cladding or hood are all painted glossy black. Mini did not disclose information about the equipment they bring to the cockpit of this model.

Along with that, information about the engine has not been published, but it is likely that there will be no change compared to the standard version. The Mini Countryman Cooper S standard uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with a maximum capacity of 189 hp and a maximum torque of 281 Nm. Power will be transmitted to the wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. This special edition is sold with the ALL4 all-wheel drive system.

Currently, the selling price, selling time as well as the quantity that Mini is expected to produce of Countryman X-raid has not been announced by the company.

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