BMW VR Technological Partnership Introducing

Today, to bring a competitive advantage, car manufacturers must use advanced technologies. In addition, they must develop strategic partnerships. This is especially true in the digital age.

BMW Group is a pioneer in this direction. . In 2016, BMW joined forced with a company in the computer game industry – Epic Games. Since then, BMW is the first car manufacturer worldwide to enter the field. Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has launched many applications in virtual reality technology to create new and innovative developments.

At CES 2019, carmakers introduced technology details that develop the user experience. Attendees were invited to test drive the virtual BMW Vision iNEXT at CES 2019.

The BMW iX models have been developed in conjunction with game platforms. These applications also play a decisive role in the planning of the new BMW i4 plant.

Virtual car inspection and test drive services are provided by many BMW dealers and affiliates. In the #NEXTGen digital broadcast, the newly launched BMW iX also gets the Unreal Engine. Until now, in Hollywood virtual production tools of Unreal Engine are being used popularly. The BMW iX, an all-electric car, was introduced in an innovative project called “Caves”.

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