The Flash – MINI Electric Superhero Introducing

MINI Cooper SE has just been introduced a special version with the appearance inspired by the superhero The Flash.

2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the character The Flash, also known as Lightning, a superhero of DC Comics. To commemorate this milestone, MINI collaborated with painter Carmine Di Giandomenico to create a special edition for the Cooper SE electric car.

As the person who drew more than 30 volumes of The Flash story, Giandomenico was not too difficult to decorate for the MINI Cooper SE. MINI says that the Italian artist has incorporated many drawing techniques to shorten his working time.

Giandomenico only need 10 hours to complete his work with the focus on Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, two main characters in the series The Flash have super speed abilities. In addition, the Cooper SE is also decorated with many lightning patterns and the Lightning symbol on the bonnet.

Special variant of the MINI Cooper SE is only changed in color and exterior drawings, other equipment and specifications are kept the same. The electric car still has a glossy paint steering wheel, X-shaped wheels, yellow rearview mirror, round front lights and British flag LED taillights.

Powering the MINI Cooper SE is an electric motor with 181 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. Vehicles capable of accelerating 0-100 km / h takes 7.2 seconds, much slower than the speed of light of superhero The Flash.

In the UK, the MINI Cooper SE has a starting price of £ 27,900, equivalent to $ 36,085. The special edition The Flash of the MINI Cooper SE is on display at the Lucca ChanGes 2020 Online International Fair.

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