Bowler CSP RIV – muscular military concept car, built on Land Rover chassis

The Bowler CSP RIV would be a great vehicle to drive around a spacious private residence.

The Bowler brand has made a name for itself by offering massive off-road vehicles built on the Land Rover chassis. Recently, a company military-grade vehicle called the Bowler CSP Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV), developed in partnership with the UK Department of Defense, is being auctioned online through RM Sotheby’s with Estimated price is about 75,000 – 100,000 Euro.

More specifically, this is a concept vehicle and is not allowed to drive on public roads, however it would be a perfect platform for creative use if it falls into the right hands. According to the manufacturer, the concept serves two purposes: showcasing Bowler’s expertise and build a modular chassis called the Cross Sector Platform (CSP).

That chassis is designed to deliver a wide variety of potential vehicles to customers, from military defense vehicles to emergency service. Under the hood of this “monster” is a Land Rover V6 engine producing 300 hp and 700 Nm of maximum torque.

The Bowler CSP RIV features a dedicated long-travel independent suspension system, an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, a low and high ratio AWD drive system, and a seat for four adults. What’s missing here is the .50 caliber heavy machine gun that Bowler mounted on an anti-roll frame when they introduced the car at Defense and Security Equipment International 2017. In addition, it has a rated payload of 2,000. kg.

Conceptual status means the Bowler CSP RIV will not be licensed to drive almost anywhere in the world, thereby limiting its appeal and availability. However, information from the auction site says it can do very well, with the engine and powertrain from Land Rover. The video above shows that the car can literally move as well as a production car. Furthermore, the car is also only 275 km on the odometer, showing that it is almost original, and suitable for a collection car.

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