Bugatti Veyron Linea Vivere Mansory Introducing

During the life cycle of Veyron, Bugatti only produces about 450 units. Because of this “little” that makes the Veyron become rare and expensive. Especially the Bugatti Veyron degrees Mansory “Linea Vivere”.

As a line of cars launched about 20 years ago, the Bugatti Veyron supercar owns a “no age” design along with many years of holding the title “King of speed”. The car is named after racer Pierre Veyron, who won the 1930 Geneva Grand Prix race with the Bugatti Type 37A.

During his 10 years of life cycle since the production line started in 2005, the speed king Bugatti Veyron once never disappointed car enthusiasts with models of high artistic value. , in parallel with that is the ability to operate superior to the car at that time.

In the world there are only about 2-3 Bugatti Veyron equipped with this package. To upgrade these tuning details for the car, the owner of the car must be a “extremely daring” person because this package is not only very expensive but also completely changes the appearance of the Hypercar from France. With the details from Mansory, depending on the individual point of view as well as the perspective of each person, you will see the beauty of this version.

This car was originally mixed with carbon motifs from the main Mansory and bright red for the front fenders as well as the doors. Mansory’s interior compartment of the original car is mixed with black leather and white, combined with the V-pattern on the seat parts.

However, this Bugatti Veyron Linea Vivere Mansory has been “entrusted” by the current owner to the renowned brand West Coast Customs to refurbish all details on this car.

This Veyron Mansory has been redesigned by a famous tuner with all details such as exterior paint color, other wheels, brake shackles which have been repainted as well as re-wrapped in the interior compartment with a completely new and striking leather color. . All details are made of carbon material on the exterior has been sanded, complete with a similar matte color to the original car. The carbon details with unique motifs from Mansory help the Veyron become more different and more aggressive, that’s why West Coast Customs decided to keep this original detail.

With this upgrade package, the rear bumper of the car has great similarities with the Super Sport such as the exhaust or the engine cover. However, Mansory has redesigned with many details such as the convex air cavity on the engine cover, … Mansory produces almost all body components from ultra-light, very strong and hard carbon fiber. The hardening process is conducted under high pressure and the temperature in the autoclave is thoroughly improved to improve the quality of the material.

The red details on the exterior have been re-painted with Nardo Gray – one of the most famous colors of the Audi brand. This color is glossy gray, with no metallic effects but enough to give the version a completely different look. Instead of the wheels on this car, West Coast Customs has installed the Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport 16.4 wheels which are painted matte black, the Bugatti logo painted in blue and these details are all hand-finished by the artist. .

The brake shackles of the car are also painted blue, similar to the color on the Chiron and the Bugatti word hand-painted in silver. The entire original interior compartment on the car has been covered, completely removed the old black and white leather panels. The tuner decided to choose a bright blue leather material inspired by Bugatti Chiron, the V-shaped motifs on the seat are also completely removed, instead of the new cross-patterned motifs handcrafted by the team. Make a sketch and apply it to the car

The door steps of the car are made of carbon and engraved with the word “Linea Vivere” which is hand painted in the same blue color. With these changes, the 16.4 degree Veyron has become completely different and significantly more aggressive than the original look of the car.

Mansory understands how luxury can be combined with modern technology. When traditional craftsmanship with selected materials and fusion of fashion design are combined, the result is an automotive interior with outstanding beauty. The new Ambiente-Illumination System LED-equipped interior compartment features the seats, door liners and dashboard.

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