Buried in snow for 10 hours with a broken car, the 58-year-old was lucky to be saved.

Traffic in a blizzard is a very dangerous thing, especially when the car breaks down in the middle and is still buried in the snow.

Last Wednesday, a big blizzard hit New York City, USA, making many places snow up to a meter high. As a result, the traffic streets became congested, and even in the process, a 58-year-old man and his car were buried for 10 hours under 1.2 meters of snow. after being hit by both a blizzard and a passing snow truck.

According to New York police, Kevin Kresen was forced to stop on the side of the road because the car broke down, and when buried, he tried to call 911 several times but the local police were unable to find it. OK. The problem was even worse because the belt was damaged, which meant Kresen was trapped without heating.

When he had an accident, Kresen was only about 24 km from his house when the belt crashed, causing him to lose power steering and most importantly, heat. As a result, he was stuck on the side of the road and tried to fix the car, but then had to climb inside and call 911 for help. Unfortunately, every hour of waiting made the snow cover another 10 cm, and as a result a snow-shovel buried him to the point of being unable to get out.

For 10 hours, he tried to call for help but was helpless. Fortunately, on Thursday morning, Sergeant Jason Cawley, a man sent to search for Kresen, accidentally smashed into the window of Kresen’s car while digging through mailboxes and addresses in the area.

Immediately after being rescued from the car, Kresen was quickly taken to hospital to recover from hypothermia and frostbite. After 10 hours of being buried in the snow, he was touched and extremely happy because he was still alive

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