Canoo electric pickup launched with features of a stretched trunk, compact design, full of utility features

Looking like a futuristic version of the forward-looking cabin configuration, this new pickup is somewhat similar to the design of the minivan the company has previously revealed. It also runs on the same in-house chassis and is packed with cool features. The most prominent of these is the configurable trunk with extensions that simply increase the length from 1.8 to 2.4 meters. Because the taillights were covered after the tailgate was opened, so Canoo installed a thin, vertical strip of lights inside the side of the door.

The trunk’s modular mechanism can extend beyond its extended length because there is a cargo separation system to secure different items, while the sides of the tank have a flip-down table for role-play. game is the desk. A small yet useful addition is a door step that makes it easier to load or unload items on the crate. Just below this built-in door step is another storage space, large enough for a small cooler, first aid kit, laptop, and other items.

If more cargo space is needed, the Canoo electric pickup will be able to retrofit a rooftop rack, and even a camping frame with a tent on the roof. The manufacturer also thoughtfully installed several easy-to-reach power outlets for users to conveniently charge different devices, while the third brake light also acts as a light bar on the head to support the LED system around the car.

As for the specs, Canoo says the electric pickup has been designed with single and dual motor configurations. The dual-motor configuration comes with AWD drivetrain, and produces up to 600 hp and 746 Nm of instantaneous torque. Its battery pack will have enough capacity for a distance of more than 320 km, but will probably be lower if carrying a maximum payload of 816 kg.

Canoo electric pickup is designed intelligently, meeting many different usage needs

The Canoo electric pickup is fitted with 18-inch wheels with 265/60 / R18 tires, and specific dimensions: 4,677 mm long (5,400 mm with extended trunk), 1,980 mm wide (2,209 mm with mirrors ), and 1,920 mm high (2,085 mm with a roof rack). The wheelbase of the car is 2,850 mm long, while the trunk measures 1,627 mm long and 1,817 mm wide (2,600 mm when stretched). The tank has a depth of 522 mm.

Wire-braking and wire-braking systems are being promised, along with a winch receiver and the ability to charge external devices for a whole day of less than 10% of travel distance. If you notice, you see that this car has no logo. That’s because Canoo believes that signature headlights and taillights will serve as brand identity.

In short, everything about the Canoo electric pickup sounds very promising, but it’s not until 2023 that the first production cars are delivered to customers. From now until then, we only have to wait and expect this electric model to be put into production, not just on paper.

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