Car parking in front of the house for rent

Each family can earn $ 1,400-2,900 a year by letting a stranger park their car in front of the door.

The idea above belongs to YourParkingSpace – an online parking service – that allows homeowners to rent out access as well as private parking. Money is calculated hourly, day, week or month.

The limited spaces that nobody thinks about can help someone earn an extra income. The service grosses $ 28.3 million in 2020, although the Covid-19 translation leaves many people working from home.

On the online parking service, homeowners with free spaces can register, give their address and description of the rental. They can also set the rental price as well as the time allowed, for example only when they are not at home. About 250,000 such parking spaces are listed.

Prices vary widely, possibly as low as $ 2.7 per hour or up to $ 20 and even more expensive, depending on the region and demand.

The service also provides about 4,000 parking spaces for electric vehicles, ie rechargeable power is available. Owners of these parking spaces may charge a higher-than-normal rental charge.

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