Changan UNI-V – High-tech sedan with beautiful design

Changan UNI-V is expected to go on sale in the Chinese domestic market in the first quarter of 2022, but there is no specific price.

After introducing novelty SUVs like the UNI-T and UNI-K, the Changan Auto brand has now officially unveiled an all-new sedan called the UNI-V. As the name suggests, V will be a product of the UNI sub-brand, and it has similar design points to the two SUV brothers. Specifically, the UNI-V is the production version of the Changan Vision-V concept, focusing on personalization and the overall visual experience.

At the front, the Changan UNI-V has a borderless grille and slim headlights, similar to the two previous UNI models. The two side air vents have a closed design with diagonal grooves, helping to increase the sporty appearance of the car. In addition, the longer axle size, and the larger front-rear wheelbase also increase the skid resistance and stability when driving at high speeds.

Looking to the side, we see that this new sedan has a roof design that slopes much to the rear, and has a long bonnet and clear veins. According to the manufacturer, the dimensions of the car are 4,680 mm long, 1,838 mm wide, 1,430 mm high, and 2,750 mm wheelbase. The car is equipped with large wheels, the size is almost half the height, to increase the modern sporty look. Furthermore, the low ground clearance of the UNI-V was introduced to reduce wind drag, making acceleration, braking, and navigation more secure.

As for the rear, the car is equipped with two interconnected taillights, a computerized bumper and bumper, and two powerful mufflers. Coordinating these features is a third brake light mounted centrally below the control plate. In addition, the rear end has a spoiler that can be retracted when not activated. This wing can automatically raise and lower depending on the speed, and can also be controlled directly by the button if desired.

Similar to the exterior, the interior of the Changan UNI-V is eye-catching, with a great mix of blues and grays and some orange accents. However, the sedan also adopts the same layout as the Changan UNI-T. It meets the needs of young buyers by designing an interactive cockpit, focusing controls on the driver’s direction. Some interior highlights include hidden air vents, integrated steering wheel buttons, center console buttons, and other design combinations.

From the interior images, Changan UNI-V is equipped with at least two screens, a small one located high above the dashboard with the task of providing driving information, and a large screen for the system. infotainment system as well as control other features. The manufacturer is proud to introduce that the new sedan will be filled with advanced technology such as facial recognition, gesture recognition, multiple surround-view cameras, and an intelligent AI assistant system.

On the performance front, the Changan UNI-V will be equipped with a 1.5-liter engine that produces 185 hp and can reach a top speed of 205 km/h. In the future, the manufacturer may offer more 2.0-liter engine versions. In the immediate future, Changan has not announced the price, but is expected to put the car on the market in the first quarter of 2022.

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