Cheap car Lada Niva is about to launch a new version with the same design as the Toyota RAV4

In the past week, a series of pictures published by Russian media on the Lada Niva 2021 show that the car … not only slightly resembles the Toyota RAV4.

Originating from the Russian social network Vkontakte, leaked images of the Lada Niva 2021 show that the car design has many similarities at the top such as the thin high-placed headlights or the large plastic radiator. In addition, the car also has a few highlights (more likely of the high-end version) such as outer plastic cladding and snorkel for the engine compartment.

The Lada Niva shown in the picture is not a pure Russian version because that version is still mass-assembled by AutoVAZ under the name Lada 4×4, instead this is the Niva II using a chassis derived from GM. from … late 1990s under the old name Chevy Niva. The first version of the 5-door SUV was not like the Toyota RAV4, but like the Kia Sportage.

The fact that Lada Niva has chosen the Toyota RAV4 image to replace the old Kia Sportage is not surprising because it is currently the No. 1 selling SUV globally when continuously leading in many regions such as North America. Only Western Europe is the position where the car accepts to be ranked second after the “home chicken” is the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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