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Chevrolet Tracker Introducing – 2022

The changes of the B-size SUV – Chevrolet Tracker 2021 new generation has just launched in the Chinese market, mainly concentrated in the interior while the exterior is nothing new.

The new generation Chevrolet Tracker is a B-size SUV that was first introduced in the Chinese market in April last year to replace the brother Trax. After 1.5 years, Chevrolet continues to add an upgraded version to this model in the Chinese market.

In this market, the new Chevrolet Tracker 2021 has a total of 4 equipment versions, including LT, LT Fun Edition, Redline and Redline Premium Edition, an increase of 2 versions compared to before. In addition, this size B SUV is no longer a standard manual.

In terms of exterior design, Chevrolet Tracker 2021 remains unchanged from the old version. The car is still equipped with a grille divided into 2 floors and connected to the headlight cluster as well as the reverse L-shaped wind slot at the two front bumper corners. Next is the strong ribbed “muscle”, 5-spoke alloy rims in the premium version and Bridgestone tires.

Meanwhile, at the back, the Chevrolet Tracker 2021 SUV has horizontal taillights, extending to the sides. That is not to mention the black plastic body brace that increases the solid look for this “pepper baby” SUV.

Compared with the exterior, the interior of the Chevrolet Tracker 2021 is more improved. Accordingly, the LT version of this size B SUV is equipped with dark blue leather interior with black and new sports seats. The Redline version only comes with black leather interior with red double only and standard leather bottom beveled steering wheel.

Similar to the old version, the Chevrolet Tracker 2021 continues to be equipped with the dashboard and center console cluster towards the driver. On the dashboard appears an 8-inch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife. Meanwhile, in the rear seat there will be two more standard USB ports.

And yet, this size-B SUV also has a new generation MyLink + infotainment system with upgraded voice commands. This feature allows the driver to adjust the air conditioner and multimedia system, open windows, sunroof, make phone calls, and set navigation settings just by command.

The “heart” of the 2021 Chevrolet Tracker is still 2 types of 3-cylinder petrol, turbocharged with a capacity of 1.0L and 1.3L. In particular, the 1.0L engine produces a maximum capacity of 123 hp and maximum torque of 180 Nm. The corresponding numbers for the 1.3L engine are 162 hp and 240 Nm. The 1.0L engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission while the 1.3L engine comes with a CVT transmission.

In terms of safety, the Chevrolet Tracker 2021 continues to be equipped with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, lane keeping assist, lane change warning, tire pressure warning and camera. back.

In the Chinese market, the price of Chevrolet Tracker 2021 has a selling price ranging from 118,900 – 139,900 yuan. When buying this model, Chinese customers can choose the exterior paint colors such as white, black, gray, red and blue.

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