China develops conductive material that can be folded 1 million times without damage

Chinese researchers have developed a carbon material that conducts electricity 1 million times without structural damage. The study was published in the journal Matter.

Foldable electronic devices and portable devices are gaining popularity and becoming an area of ​​research interest.

Foldable phones on the market use only one spindle, unable to perform arbitrary folding functions, while some portable electronic devices will experience shorter lifespan problems due to multiple folding time. These devices need conductive materials with many times more properties.

Inspired by the silkworm cocoon making process, researchers from Tongji University have produced a super-folded conductive carbon material with layered nanofiber lattice structures. These structures have niche holes, non-crosslinking, sliding nanofibers, layers that can split, compress, and act together to create a folding structure.
The material can withstand 1 million folds without structural damage and changes in electrical conductivity. This research also opens up the prospect of developing super flexible electronic devices.

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