Chinese company Introduced new electric car XPeng P5, claiming to be ‘the smartest in the world’

According to Xpeng, the XPeng P5 electric sedan possesses many advanced technologies. The Chinese automaker says it is the smartest EV in the world.

XPeng is a start-up in China, known for products that copy Tesla’s designs. However, things have changed with the P5 electric sedan that the company has just introduced. XPeng claims this is the smartest electric car in the world at the moment.

The XPeng P5 is the third production model of the company, and at the same time it is important as it is the first electric car in the world to use LiDAR technology at car grade. The vehicle uses XPeng’s exclusive XPILOT 3.5 module.

The XPeng P5 has at least 32 cognitive sensors. Those sensors include 2 sets of LiDAR and 13 high resolution cameras. The LiDAR kits are capable of identifying cyclists, construction works, and pedestrians even in low light conditions.

The electric sedan’s cabin is equally modern. The center screen has a size of 15.6 inches associated with the operating system Xmart OS 3.0. The XPeng P5 also features Navigation Guided Pilot, which can identify traffic lights, automatically track other vehicles and switch status from highway to urban driving.

At 4,808 mm, the XPeng P5 is shorter than that of the Toyota Camry or Mazda6. The car has a fastback design, X-shaped front headlights, a large hood. Details such as recessed door handles create a sense of luxury and modernity.

The interior is designed in a dome style. The car has an ultra seat with the front seats that can fully fall backwards, combined with the second row of seats to form a bed. In addition, the car is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof.

The engine specifications of this model have not been announced, but XPeng says it has level 3 self-driving capability. The XPeng P5 will be on display at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, which takes place on April 19. It is likely that the car will invade the US market in the future, competing with rival Tesla Model 3.

Source: Zing, carbuzz

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