Chinese pickup trucks receive ‘0 stars’ for safety

On sale in South Africa, the new Chinese Great Wall Steed 5 pickup, recently tested by Global NCAP, gave very poor safety results on the lowest version.

Great Wall Steed 5 is distributed in South Africa with quite simple equipment, up to 2021 but this pickup model has not owned any airbags. Not only that, the car still lacks basic safety features such as anti-lock braking ABS and electronic brake force distribution EBD.

As part of an initiative to make cars safer in Africa, Global NCAP decided to crash test to assess the safety of Great Wall Steed 5. Naturally, the version chosen for implementation is fundamental. This is because it can expose the driver and passenger to the most serious injury.

Recently released test video showed weakness when the car collided at 64 km / h, the dummy head in the Great Wall Steed 5 hit the steering wheel. At the same time, analysis after the accident showed distortions in the passenger compartment and movement of the steering wheel. Global NCAP “questions whether airbags can prevent serious driver injury” for these two issues.

Similarly, the Nissan NP300 Hardbody (Navara) sold in South Africa also received disappointing crash test results. The Nissan pickup also received a 0-star rating when it was tested two years ago, showing a “high chance of life-threatening injury in an accident”. David Ward – General Secretary of Global NCAP – said at the time, “The NP300 Hardbody was ridiculously misnamed because the body of the car was broken”.

Meanwhile, the Great Wall Steed 5 basic version is being sold for 202,900 rand in South Africa. However, if users want more safety, you can choose the SX with dual airbags and ABS (with EBD) or the Safety Version that has all the essential safety systems.

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