Citroën introduces My Ami Buggy – A tiny yet sturdy electric car concept that can hold a lot of luggage

Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept is the ideal car for a couple going away from home for the weekend. The Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept is the latest version of the French brand’s quirky, cute electric cars. It emphasizes practicality, sturdy, can hold a lot of luggage even with a tiny body.

Compared to previous Ami versions, this concept looks a bit bolder, but even so, it still cannot hide its inherent cuteness. At the front, there is now a bumper bar and a front bumper for the headlights. The roof also receives a rack system that integrates an additional light bar and a spare wheel. Besides, the fenders also have black padding, and the matte yellow wheels are also an interesting attraction.

At a glance, the My Ami Buggy Concept seems to have no doors, but it’s not. The yellow sections along the bottom edge of the bodywork can be opened up for easier access to the cabin. Although not seen in the official teaser photos and videos, Citroën says that the cabin also has transparent, removable curtains that occupants can install if the weather turns bad.
Inside, Citroën created a luggage set specifically designed to fit the corners and compartments of the small car. These include a pocket that attaches to the recess of the steering wheel, another that fits under the dashboard, more pockets that close to the doors, and a suitcase that sits in the rear storage space.
The French automaker says that the My Ami Buggy Concept will be an ideal RV for weekends, beach vacations, or country trips. It is a small, handy vehicle to go everywhere you want. Currently, this model is only at the concept level, and Citroën has no real production plan.

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