Classic Range Rover turns into an electric car, priced at $ 324,000

VIDEO: Classic Range Rover turns into an electric car. Lunaz, a UK-based company, has just completed the first steps of the Range Rover Classic series electrification project.

Reportedly, the Range Rover Classic was revived from the 1970s to 1990. They belonged to the first generation of the famous SUV line and were produced by Rover, the predecessor of today’s Land Rover.

If all goes according to plan, when it comes to market, each Range Rover Classic electric motor version will sell for £ 245,000, or $ 324,000.

Not only for Land Rover models, Lunaz has previously done many similar projects with other models of Jaguar, Bentley and even Rolls-Royce. This car tuning company said it is aware of the demand of customers for a car with a classic appearance and an electric motor is very high.

There will be two electric versions of Range Rover Classic for customers to choose from: Town and Country. The Town version will be designed with a focus on driver and rear passenger comfort, while the Country variant will be for off-road enthusiasts.

Each Lunaz Range Rover will undergo a thorough restoration and redesign, before moving on to assembling the proprietary electric drivetrain developed by the company.

Compared to the original version, Lunaz’s electric suspension system has been significantly upgraded. The chassis is also reinforced with an anti-roll bar, along with a new brake system. In addition, the interior will also be refined to ensure comfort and modernity.

According to Lunaz, there will be no identical electric Range Rover in the hands of users. Each customer will be given the option to personalize their car according to their own preferences, priced at $ 324,000

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