Dacia Spring Electric SUV with prices starting from $ 10,800.

The electric vehicle based on the Renault City platform will be available in France and Romania from March with prices starting from $ 10,800.

Dacia, Renault’s Eastern European subsidiary, announced that it will start scheduling the delivery of its first battery-powered vehicle, the Dacia Spring.

Dacia Spring is essentially the European version of the Renault City K-ZE urban high-rise car for the Chinese market.

However, that really doesn’t matter, because the automaker and the government have tried to live up to its price promises.

The 4-seater urban high-rise car has an operating distance of 230 km (mixed roads) or 305 km (in the city) after a single charge.

With funding from the French government, the car costs only 12,264 Euros (approximately 15 thousand USD) for the lowest version, 16,800 Euros (equivalent to about 20 thousand USD) for the most advanced version.

Meanwhile, in her home town of Romania, where the car is made – Dacia opens pre-orders from March 20.

The Romanian subsidy for electric cars is even better than in France, meaning that a customer can buy a car for 9,000 euros (about 10,800 USD).

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