Decadence – a Bentley Flying Spur converted into a luxury pickup

A luxury Bentley-branded pickup has been turned into reality at the hands of custom tuning company DC Customs.

Bentley is one of the most luxurious luxury car manufacturers in the world. Their products are mainly large, extremely luxurious sedans, but because of recent market trends, the British brand has also added a Bentayga SUV to its product portfolio.

So what do you think of a Bentley pickup? In fact, Bentley will probably never “humble” to the point of making a pickup truck, but a Bentley pickup from a tuning company is completely possible.

More specifically, the custom Bentley Flying Spur in the video above is a product of the DC Customs tuning company in the UK. It’s called “Decadence,” and as you can see in the video and images here, it looks pretty, logical, and not as ridiculous as many people imagine.

The first half of the first-generation luxury sedan has remained largely the same, but DC Customs’ work begins at the B-pillar and down. They removed the rear seats, trimmed the roof, and installed a trunk. In order to keep things classy in keeping with the Bentley name, the trunk is beautifully paved with wood, complete with cabinets and drawers to maximize usable space.

DC Customs did not disclose how much the car cost, but they say that the purple low-rise pickup has now been delivered to its owner. The company considers this one of its biggest challenges to date.

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