Discover a super comfortable $1.5 million motorhome for stars like Leonardo DiCaprio

With a salary of millions of dollars per movie, Hollywood’s A-list star often use ultra-luxury motorhomes as resting places at the set.
While most people would be happy with an affordable motorhome convertible, Hollywood’s A-listers need something more professional. That is the reason for existence of King Kong Production Vehicles, a self-proclaimed leader in luxury motorhome. Judging from the special motorhome once rented by stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt below, it’s a tough claim.

This luxury motorhome is essentially designed to be a true mobile home for A-list celebrities. In the video above, company owner David Rovsek explains that the trailer is This body was fortunate to be a part of two movies “Inception” and “Money Ball”. Besides, he is also proud that one of his products once escorted Will Smith on a business trip in Louisiana.

Once inside, Rosvek said that the entire luxury space for celebrities is up to 16 meters long. At $1.5 million to build and $6,000 a week to rent, this is undoubtedly the most lavish motorhome the company has available to its customers. The overall cabin layout includes more than 1 main bathroom and 1 additional bathroom, 7 tvs (including 1 in the guest bathroom of course), 2 fireplaces, and a fully functional security system.

In order to ensure that celebrities retain their social status when inviting guests over, this motorhome’s living room and kitchen area has been designed to feel like a large comfortable room. While the aforementioned actors may not be self-catering, the kitchen is fully equipped with a stove and oven. One of the features they can appreciate is the built-in wine bar and fridge.
To make the stars feel as luxurious as possible while showering after a hard day on set, the million dollar motorhome’s master bathroom was fitted with a custom-made and manufactured glass showerhead. Recycling. The device alone cost $50,000 to install, and the craftsmen took two weeks to assemble everything.
For cold days, the floors of the bathroom, kitchen, and living room can also be heated. Considering Hollywood actors’ working hours can sometimes stretch to 18 hours a day, Rovsek says they really need a living space where they can relax, and recharge efficiently between filming sets. .

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