Discover The Heat – A $2.5 million RV model once owned by actor Will Smith

To this day, The Heat is still one of the most expensive and luxurious RVs in the world.

The Heat is a super motorhome, a one-of-a-kind land yacht, and with a price tag of up to $2.5 million, it’s also the most expensive RV ever built. The car was once owned by Hollywood star Will Smith, who ordered a prototype and customized it in 2000 to use as a mobile home on his film sets for years to come. Today, The Heat remains the tallest, widest, and most luxurious RV in the world, at least according to Ronald Anderson.

Ronald is the founder of Anderson Mobile Estates, the company that makes The Heat. In 1987, Ronald founded Star Trax Celebrity Coaching, a company he ran until 1999, when he decided to sell it and take a long family vacation. This is where he found inspiration for what would become the world’s only patented land yacht with a second deck that could extend from the first, a vehicle that would then became the foundation for the Anderson family company.

The Heat, also known as The Studio, was the company’s first celebrity RV, and for this reason it remains iconic to this day. It was also the first car to introduce the patented expansion system, in addition to the four slide-out compartments and luxury features you’d find on a real yacht.

When Will Smith no longer owned The Heat, it was handed over to Ronald. It’s still working fine for now and anyone can rent it, as long as they pay the $9,000 per night fee. The 22-wheeler, two-story, 16.7-meter-long RV offers 111.5 square meters of living space and incredible amenities, befitting the standards of a star as famous and wealthy as Will Smith.

It features a fully-equipped kitchen and large dining room, a 30-person movie theater that doubles as a conference room, a bathroom with a steam room, Star Trek-style doors that use genuine leather from Head to tail, granite countertops, and real wood and marble embellishments.

Contrary to previous reports, The Heat also has a master bedroom, which can be converted into an office when needed. The extra office space can be turned into a make-up and hair salon, with a separate entrance so stylists won’t “invade the celebrity space”. The mirror in this area hides one of the 14 TVs on the RV, so celebrities can watch their favorite shows while the stylist does his work.

Without a doubt, the most distinctive aspect about The Heat is the extended roof. While this feature isn’t uncommon with RVs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a vehicle this large outside of Anderson Mobile Estates. The 2nd floor is hidden in the first floor, but with the push of a button, 8 pistons push the roof out, lifting it 107 cm and creating the upper deck. This mechanism does not allow a small mistake when designing, because even a small error can affect the lifting process and infrastructure 2.

The interior stairs and most of the furniture are made of a type of wood called Oberflex, which is made in France. It looks like solid wood but has the advantage of being super strong and scratch resistant. Elsewhere, you’ll find genuine leather even on the ceiling, marble in the bathroom, and other modern technology.

The multi-million dollar vehicle even has a security system installed that can instantly detect an intruder and alert the owner, while also activating the security lock and sending the intruder’s photo to the phone. their.

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