Estrema Fulminea – Hypercar electric from Italy, powerful 2,040 horsepower with “hybrid” battery technology

Billionaires looking to buy a 2,000 hp electric hypercar will have one more option in the near future. That option is Estrema Fulminea, which will be officially unveiled in the middle of this month.

Fulminea will be the first product of Automobili Estrema, a new company founded by Gianfranco Pizzuto, a former Fisker vehicle distributor and distributor in Europe. Automobili Estrema will be based in Modena, Italy, similar to some other famous super car brands such as Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini, and Maserati.

In theory, what makes Estrema Fulminea stand out from the rest of the electric hypercars is the battery pack. Manufacturer Estrema claims that Fulminea will be the first legal street hypercar equipped with a “hybrid” battery cluster that combines solid state batteries with supercapacitors.

The two different types of batteries are not “combined” but are packed into two distinct sheaths made of carbon fiber, with the supercapacitor cluster placed near the front wheel shaft while the large solid lithium-ion battery cluster. more is positioned between the rear passenger and the rear wheel axle. Fulminea solid state batteries are manufactured by Avesta Battery Energy Engineering and feature “cell-to-pack” technology.

According to the company, the result is a battery pack of 100 kWh with an “unprecedented” energy density of 450 Wh / kg – for comparison, the Tesla Model 3 battery pack with the “2170” battery provides an energy density of approximately 260 Wh / kg. Estrema also hopes the battery pack in the Fulminea will weigh less than 300 kg, with the unladen weight of the car stopping at only 1,507 kg.

In addition, this hypercar’s powertrain will include four electric motors with a total capacity of 2,040 horsepower, allowing acceleration from 0-320 km / h in less than 10 seconds, and providing a projected travel distance. Calculate 520 km according to WLTP cycle.

The new Estrema Fulminea will be officially unveiled on May 13 at the Turin Automobile Museum. Automobili Estrema says that the first production cars of Fulminea will reach customers in the second half of 2023.

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