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This is the most special Ferrari Enzo that probably only exists in the form of a miniature model

Although only as small as a few fingers, “Jakarta Diecast Project” took a lot of work to create this unique Ferrari Enzo diecast model.

Since the age of the internet and sophisticated software, digital designers, who love to create unique custom cars in the virtual world, have become an inspiration for car companies. real life car. In fact, some of these digital designers now have their own stores to bring virtual world ideas to life.

However, there is another area where the imagination is almost unlimited when it comes to customizing cars. That will be the world of diecast toy models, an area now teeming with talented hands who can transform standard car models into true works of art. For the time being, there may not be a custom shop inspired by those particular diecast cars, but who knows what the future might bring.

For example, imagine seeing an upgraded Ferrari Enzo like the one we have here. Sure, for most fans, customizing an Enzo is blasphemous, but it’s likely that some will still be willing to do this to create something really weird. often. Currently, this upgraded Enzo is still in the toy car world. It started out as the Tomica Enzo, which the Japanese toy company has produced since 2019, and which is rumored to be discontinued next month.

It then had a chance to come into the hands of a diecast specialist called the Jakarta Diecast Project (JDP), and was transformed into a machine now known as the Beast Butterfly, because it looked powerful. much more powerful than before, and features a striking set of sport butterfly doors. Painted in the same shade of red as the base car, and keeping the Ferrari logo intact, the Enzo’s bodywork has been cut, trimmed, enlarged, polished, and finely modified to become one of those pieces. Unique play of this type of car in the world.

We can watch the entire transformation of the Ferrari Enzo diecast model into a Beast Butterfly in the video above. After watching, perhaps many people will expect someone to take this as inspiration and create such an attractive Enzo in life size.

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