Ford F-150 “turning upside down” can still burn the tire

The owner of the car said that he was “questioned” by the police many times while driving his monstrous Ford on the road.
Whether you are an avid car lover or not, you will surely feel curious about monstrous custom cars, hard to imagine. The upside-down pickup truck in the video below is probably the weirdest type in the world, and will definitely make many people feel confused at first.

Because Americans love pickups so much, cars from the big trio from Detroit are the most popular ones we’ve seen with this upside-down configuration. However, the car in the YouTube channel’s video “1320video” may be the most radical and “cool” model. At a glance, it looks like a regular 1985 Ford F-150, complete with the ox horn ornament on the bonnet. But once you see it moving, especially with the steering under the trunk, you will feel confused and amazed.

Discovered at an event in Indiana, this strange pickup also has an engine mounted in the trunk. It becomes even more confusing when you look inside as the steering wheel faces the front windshield and the seats face the rear window.

According to the owner of the car, he got it when it was about to be destroyed. He then decided to rebuild everything with his father-in-law back in 2004, and the end result is the truck you see in the video above./
In case you’re wondering if this upside down pickup is road-legal, you’ll be surprised to know that it actually is. Check out the video above to see this crazy pickup first-hand, as well as be surprised by its handling and tire burn.

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