Ford Ranger and Everest Armored tanks Version Introducing

To suit different jobs, the Ford Ranger pickups and armored Everest 2021 SUVs also come in a variety of versions.

It can be said that the Ford Ranger and Everest 2021 are among the most versatile models available today. In addition to the strength of running on multiple terrain, the duo can be modified to serve more specialized missions.

In particular, with the armored Ford Ranger, the car has 7 specialized versions. Specifically, tactical light vehicles are suitable for SWAT task forces while tactical utility vehicles can perform surveillance tasks. Even the armored Ford Ranger has an attack version to go into conflict zones.

Moreover, the new Ford Ranger armored car model offers 2 dedicated versions for transporting cash. The car also has a version for the police. The armored ranger can also be tweaked to look like the standard Wildtrak.

The new Ford Everest SUV has 3 armored options. A camouflage light utility version and a cash transport version will be available. The car also has an armored civil version with a 2-liter twin-turbocharged engine under the bonnet. Unlike the Ranger, the Ford Everest does not have a police armored version.

Ford Ranger and Ford Everest 2021 armored mainly intended for governments and certain organizations, and not everyone can buy

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