Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition Introducing

In terms of appearance, this version is coated with True Red paint and the X Special Edtion decal at the rear. The wheels and the steering wheel remain the same as the standard Ranger Raptor.

The interior of the Ranger Raptor X Special Edition is different from the “Raptor X” embroidered tapestry. SDAX also equipped this special edition with a 360-degree camera system and a Kenwood front / rear dash cam.

The engine remains the same as the standard Ranger Raptor. This engine block is a 2.0L bi-turbo, producing 197 horsepower capacity and maximum torque of 500 Nm. Vehicles using a 10-speed Getrag 10R80 automatic transmission.

Designed based on the latest version of the Ranger Raptor line, the X Special Edition receives safety equipment such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), LED headlights with square sphere mirrors, and side parking sensors. before.

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