All New Ford Ranger Wildtrak X Introducing – New Off-road version – 2022

Ford has just introduced the Ranger Wildtrak X 2021 in Australia. This pickup model is supplemented with off-road accessories.

Earlier in November, Ford just launched Ranger 2021 in Thailand. The model has not yet “cooled down”, the US automaker continues to introduce a terrain version of the Ranger Wildtrak called Wildtrak X. Every year, Ford launches the Wildtrak X version in Australia, one of the favorite markets.

At the front, the Ranger Wildtrak X is equipped with Bi-LED lights. Similar to the Everest BaseCamp launched not long ago, Ford added a large front bumper and a 20.5-inch LED light bar mounted directly above.

Some details on the car are upgraded such as larger undercarriage, new door steps, black wheel arch cladding and more solid 18-inch 8-spoke dual-spoke wheels. Unlike its predecessor, the Wildtrak X 2021 is not equipped with a special snorkel.

Ford equips this version with an electric rear lid, users can close / open the lid with a key, a switch mounted in the cabin or in the rear tank.

There is no engine upgrade in the Wildtrak X. The pickup model still uses a 2.0-liter twin-turbocharged diesel engine that produces 210 hp and 500 Nm of torque. The engine comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a 4-wheel drive system. In Australia, this version has an additional 3.2L turbocharged engine variant, producing 198 horsepower and 470 Nm of torque.

The pickup is also equipped with the FordPass Connect application, allowing for remote start-up, door locking … via a smartphone. In addition, vehicle owners can also check the vehicle’s status through this application.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2021 belongs to the latest upgraded version. The car has a black trapezoidal grille, polygonal grille with prominent borders on the sides.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X 2021 has no specific price. Meanwhile, the standard Ranger Wildtrak 2021 in Thailand costs $ 32,300-41,750.

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