Ford E450 Mobihome – Introducing, costs $100K to make

Recently in Vietnam appeared a Ford E450 Super Duty V10 6.8L 2012 model Mobihome unique.

This exclusive Ford E450 is identified as a new registered vehicle from the US to Vietnam in 2013, with automatic transmission, electric doors, large capacity, new 17,000km of use after 7 years and is said to be very new. The model uses a 6.8L V10 engine that drives the rear wheel.

This Ford E450 model in Vietnam is often used in versions such as: Buses, trucks, Mobihome cars, special-use vehicles … But especially the number of these cars to Vietnam is often not much.

The rear compartment has a very sophisticated design when the rear bed and WC as well as the kitchen table, washbasin outside.

After returning to the new owner, the car has been redesigned and redesigned the interior to become a special home with full amenities and amenities for a small family or a group of friends during a camping session. outdoor camps are full of fun.

The designs in the car are intelligent, convenient and space-saving, but still for the user to always feel comfortable.

Outside of the toilet area is a living room with a simple yet elegant design. The toilet area (WC) on the vehicle is designed by folding and rotating like on an airplane. Part of the bedroom is designed with a corner table and convenient socket below. Kitchen area includes: Built-in kitchen, sink, microwave … This is considered the only “mobile home” Ford E450 in Vietnam up to now.

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