Ford Ka – the Ford B-class car only receives 0 safety stars, users are advised not to buy

THIS VIDEO from LatinNCAP – With only 2 front airbags and no electronic stability system, although optional, the Ford Ka class B model has been rated as the lowest in safety by Latin NCAP.

Ford Ka is an urban car that was first introduced in 1996. However, since 2016, Ford Ka has been marketed as a B class car with 2 hatchback and sedan designs.

Currently, the Ford Ka is the second best-selling car in the Brazilian market. However, the Latin American New Car Assessment Program (Latin NCAP) advises Brazilian consumers not to buy this model. The reason is that Ford Ka only achieved 0 stars of safety in the Latin NCAP crash test.

It is known that Ford Ka participated in the test of direct crashes, side crashes and small angle collisions of Latin NCAP. In addition, this independent organization also assessed the pedestrian protection capabilities of the best-selling B-class car.

The Ford Ka tested by Latin NCAP had only two standard front airbags and no optional electronic stability system. As a result, Ford Ka for Latin America scored only 34% in adult protection, 9% in child protection, 50% in pedestrian protection and 7%. about safety systems.

“If we were a consumer, we would refuse to buy car manufacturers with world-class safety systems in other markets, but in Latin America that only provides poor protection. like that “, said Mr. Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP.

Of course, this is not the first car in the Latin American market to be underestimated by Latin NCAP for its safety. Before Ford Ka, Hyundai HB20 also had to receive 0 stars for safety.

“Latin NCAP encourages Ford and Hyundai to soon improve the standard safety system of the Ka and the HB20 to a level on par with the Chevrolet Onix,” added Mr. Furas. Unlike the Ford Ka and Hyundai HB20, the Chevrolet Onix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso a B-class car, but has 6 airbags and standard electronic stability system. Therefore, this car has achieved 5 stars of safety in the category of protecting adults and children.

Responding to Latin NCAP’s assessment results, Ford pledged to increase the safety of Ka with side airbags and standard electronic stability system in all versions. Latin NCAP has also evaluated the better equipped versions of the Ford Ka and acknowledged improvements in safety.

Also related to the results of the assessment above, Latin NCAP does not encourage consumers to buy cars with only 0 stars and 1 star safety or cars that do not have electronic stability systems, side airbags as well as capabilities. pedestrian protection.

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