Ghiath Smart Patrol – The new fierce SUV of the Dubai police force

Ghiath Smart Patrol will not be a “primary sighting” police car, but will be a vehicle to participate in criminal pursuits in the desert when needed.

If you’re stupid enough to commit a crime in Dubai, you should know that the city’s police force has one of the finest fleets of patrol cars in the world. In a city awash with Ferraris and Lamborghinis, it’s natural for the police to drive equally fast cars. Recently, Dubai police have added another vehicle to their fleet, a vehicle perfect for chasing robbers in the desert. Called Ghiath Smart Patrol, this epic off-road vehicle is a collaboration between W Motors (famous for producing Lykan Hypersport supercars) and Dubai police.

But unlike the fleet of expensive supercars – which are used mainly for advertising purposes – the Ghiath Smart Patrol will be put into operation as a genuine police car. 400 are expected to be delivered over the next few years, and they will join the 10 custom-built Ghiaths that have patrolled the lavish city since 2020.

Seemingly based on the Nissan Patrol (aka Armada), the new Ghiath SUV has a different design at the front, giving it a fierce and authoritative look. The grille comes with a large bumper bar, equipped with an LED emergency light strip. In case drivers are distracted by the large LED strip, the car also has additional lighting installed on the roof, side mirrors, side mirrors and even a roof rack.

Described as one of the “most advanced security vehicles in the world”, Ghiath has several built-in crime countermeasures. In addition to the roof-mounted surveillance camera, the large SUV also has a drone that is sure to be deployed in rare situations when Ghiath can’t reach a place.

While this is a true police car, law enforcement officers are not forgotten either. The cabin has a digital instrument cluster, soft leather seats, and a large central touchscreen that makes life a little easier for the occupants. Other clues to its Nissan Patrol origins come from the steering wheel design and dashboard architecture.
Interior of Ghiath Smart Patrol

As expected, the rear passengers of this police car will not have the same amenities as the front. The molded, plastic seat may seem uncomfortable but is perfectly suited for the job of transporting criminals from prison to court and back. W Motors does not mention specific power output, but if the Ghiath Smart Patrol is based on the real Nissan Patrol, then it could be equipped with a powerful V8 engine. For example, a variant tuned by Nismo has a capacity of up to 428 horsepower and 560 Nm of maximum torque.

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