Headset VR / AR of Apple with 8K screen, the price is 3000 USD

Virtual reality is the future technology that Apple takes up.

The first report of Apple working on AR headsets came back in 2017, and work has been progressively silent since then. Virtual reality glasses are finally getting a brighter future next year, but they won’t be consumer equipment at all, according to a recently leaked source.

Apple’s headset is expected to demand around $ 3,000 in exchange for the most advanced hardware ever seen. The company laid the foundations for the product with the addition of LiDAR sensors on the iPad and iPhone as well as developing its own silicon.

The device will have two 8K screens. Eye tracking responds to complex display processes, reducing the burden that the GPU has to endure, but especially the quality will not be changed much. Images will only be displayed in full resolution in an area that focuses on the user’s eye.

Some LiDAR sensors will be used to manage and track the movement of the headset. Apple is said to be testing some kinds of controls like hand tracking (activated by more than 10 cameras), eye tracking or a physical dial on the side of the headset, and an accessory described as “thimble.” The Bloomberg report suggests that Apple will design a special chipset to power the device. It will be similar to M1, the fabric mesh material that is supposed to be used externally to keep things light.

Apple may reveal more official information in the near future, though some reports suggest that the headset is still a few years away and will only be announced as early as 2023.

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