Hennessey Mammoth 1000 Introducing

Tuner Hennessey has refreshed the Ram 1500 TRX for more power.

Ram 1500 TRX capital is exactly a “beast” with a capacity of 702 horsepower and 881 Nm of torque, powered by a supercharged 6.2 liter V8 engine.

This giant pickup sprints to 96 km / h in 4.5 seconds, reaching speeds of over 189 km / h. But the Hennessey tuner made the already-fast TRX even faster.

What you see in this article is the Hennessey Mammoth 1000 – basically a TRX pickup. The sporty bike will come with nice wheels on new 20-inch Hennessey wheels, front fenders with new LED lights. It’s all part of what Hennessey calls the Mammoth Off-Road Stage 1 package.

Through the hands of Hennessey, the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine now produces 1,012 hp and 1,314 Nm of torque thanks to an upgraded supercharger, new pulley, high-flow exhaust and performance. new standard. Hennessey said the Mammoth can sprint from 0-96 km / h in just 3.2 seconds, making it the fastest Ram pickup.

CEO John Hennessey said: “The Ram 1500 TRX is very interesting in terms of configuration, but I am looking for anomalies. “The Mammoth 1000’s upgrades completely turn this impressive pickup into something surprisingly powerful, visually interesting and indisputable.”

However, if you want one, you’d better place an order quickly. Hennessey says they will only produce 200 pickups by 2021, with a selling price of around $ 135,350. It is also one of three trucks that the firm tuned to offer with over 1,000 hp, along with the Jeep Gladiator Maximus and the Mammoth 6×6.

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