Honda CB350RS Introducing

Honda’s brand-new model has a starting price of $ 2,687 in the Indian market.

Honda has just introduced a new model called CB350RS. India is the first market to be distributed with this model. CB350RS owns a classic design and is inspired by the CB350 H’ness.

Honda CB350RS has an overall size of 2,171 x 804 x 1,097 mm (length x width x height), and has a wheelbase of 1,441 mm. The dry weight of the vehicle is 179 kg.

Compared with CB350 H’ness, CB350RS brings a more modern style. The front lights still use classic round lights, but inside are LED bulbs, turn indicators and taillights also use LED technology.

The car uses 19-inch wheels at the front and 17-inch rear, the front / rear tire sizes are 100/90 and 150/70 respectively. Both wheels use disc brakes with 2-channel ABS anti-lock braking system.

The dashboard of the CB350RS is compact with most of the area for the speedometer, accompanied by a negative LCD screen showing the number of the setting, time, odo … engine revs.

Honda CB350RS is equipped with a BS-VI engine with a capacity of 348.36 cc, producing 21 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 30 Nm at 3,000 rpm. Vehicles using a 5-speed gearbox.

Honda India distributes CB350RS with 2 color options: gold / black and red / black, priced at $ 2,687. The highlight of this model compared to competitors in the same segment is that it is equipped with HSTC traction control

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