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Honda ST125 Dax Introducing – Design, Functions, Pricing

In Japan, the price of Honda ST125 Dax is announced at 440,000 Yen and will be sold on the market on July 21.

Today, Honda has officially announced the price of the Honda ST125 Dax minibike model as well as the specific time the car will be available in the Japanese market. Accordingly, Honda ST125 Dax will officially be available on the Japanese market on July 21, 2022 with a selling price of 440,000 Yen, including taxes and fees.

In the Japanese market, Honda ST125 Dax will have 2 color options, Blue and Red, the equipment on the car of the two color versions is the same, there is no difference. Accordingly, the entire lighting system on the vehicle is applied with modern LED technology.

The suspension of the motorbike includes a pair of 31mm upside-down front forks with silver fork shells, double cylinder spring shock absorbers at the rear. The original rims of the car will be cast rims and have a size of 12 inches with tubeless tires and disc brakes at both front and rear with anti-lock braking feature ABS single channel.

The Honda ST125 Dax chassis is a pressed steel frame with a 3.8-liter fuel tank. The frame design combined with the short suspension system has made Dax extremely lovely and loved by generations of users.

The dashboard of the motorbike has a classic circular shape, but inside is a digital screen that displays the basic operating information of the car. The saddle height is quite reasonable at 775mm, the wet weight of the car is announced as 107kg.

Regarding the engine, Honda ST125 Dax uses a 123cc single cylinder gasoline engine, air-cooled, producing 9.2 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and maximum torque of 10.8 Nm at rewinding engine. 5,000 rpm. Because it is a mini bike, ST125 Dax uses a 4-speed gearbox.

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