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Honda Super Cub C125 version for skateboarding enthusiasts

The Honda Super Cub C125 is upgraded with an aggressive appearance and has an additional sideboard riser.

K-Speed ​​motorcycle upgrade workshop in Thailand is famous for its unique versions of the Honda Super Cub C125. The latest project by K-Speed ​​continues to show the diverse creative possibilities and massive upgrade potential of the Japanese 2-wheeler.

After completion, the Honda Super Cub C125 “transformed” completely with matte black paint and a series of fancy upgrades. The main highlight of this level is the side skis riser, equipped to make the Super Cub more personality and unique.

The original Super Cub C125 handlebar was removed and replaced with a bare handlebar. Along with that, the controls are made smaller and the new LCD instrument cluster is located in the middle of the neck. Diablo’s exhaust is highly designed, located close to the saddle and has anti-burn panels. This style is often found on classic scrambler motorcycles.

Front / rear wheels are upgraded to a 17-inch diameter spokes, with large tread treads. The front forks are painted black, while the rear suspension is upgraded to a double cylinder spring that can adjust the load mode. The drive chain cover (slug) has been removed and the front / rear fender is cut short to add dust to the Super Cub.

All New Honda C125 Super Cub 2020

The front of the car impresses with the lighting system consisting of 2 round lights in a metal frame, combined with a matte black and fancy perforated cover. At the rear, the LED taillights are arranged low on the right, while the number plate frame is on the left. LED turn signals are hidden in the shock absorber cluster.

K-Speed ​​does not say whether the project will interfere with the Super Cub C125’s engine power. Honda’s original model had a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, with electronic fuel injection with a capacity of 9.1 hp and a torque of 9.98 Nm. The car uses a 4-speed circular gearbox.

This map belongs to a series of projects called Baja of K-Speed. In which, there are a total of 59 models upgraded by the Thai factory with distinct styles.

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