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All New Honda Jazz Safety Features

The new Honda Jazz became one of the Japanese automaker’s first models in Europe, also the first in its segment to be equipped with a front center airbag.

When operating, the center airbag on the Honda Jazz will expand and fill the space between the two front seats, minimizing the direct impact between the driver and the passenger in the event of a side collision. The combination of a new center airbag and a special belt tensioner seat belt will help protect the driver and front passenger better.

According to Honda, this new design can reduce up to 85% of head injuries in the case of side effects and up to 98% reduction if the impact is far away from passengers.

In addition, the new Honda Jazz comes with a new dual-structure airbag for rear passengers to protect them from a collision with the door and C-pillar in the event of a side collision. Honda said that they integrated a new airbag system into the rear seat cushion without affecting the function of the “magic seat”.

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