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All New Honda N-One Introducing – 2022

The new Honda N-One 2021 small car model has been available in the Japanese market since November 20. Vehicles equipped with a range of remarkable safety features, with prices starting from $ 15,390.

The new Honda N-One 2021 small car model has 4 versions including Original, Premium, Premium Tourer and RS, the price of Honda N-One 2021 ranges from 15,390 to 19,465 USD.

All versions of the new generation Honda N-One are equipped with DOHC 660 cc engine system. Separately, the Premium and RS versions use an additional turbocharger. A CVT gearbox and front-wheel drive are standard equipment.

In addition, the Original, Premium and Premium Tourer versions have an optional 4-wheel drive system. At the same time, users can choose a 6-speed manual gearbox – option exclusively for the RS version. In terms of design, the new Honda N-One has significantly improved compared to the first generation launched in Japan 8 years ago.

The new Honda N-One has the familiar box-shaped design of the kei-car (small urban Japanese car). Some familiar design lines are still present on the car such as round headlights, high and straight roof contours. The car also has vertical rear lights attached to the sides of the trunk door with the Honda logo in the middle.

The cockpit has a minimalist design with infotainment system, multifunction steering wheel, air conditioning, electronic handbrake, USB charging port, cup holder and storage box.

The new tiny Honda N-One is also the first in its segment to be equipped with a rear-seat reminder system, in case children or pets are left in the car. Safety features include pedestrian collision avoidance, lane departure warning system, lane keep assist, cross slope departure, traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and automatic headlights .

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